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Corsets by Casta Diva
No longer in Old Town Spring.  Please visit their website for new location info.



Looking for Dolls or doll restoration?  Visit The Doll Hospital and see what is new for 2014.

Corsets by Casta Diva has moved.
Click here to visit their new website.  Visit with any computer or device!

Bird lovers of Houston, Just for the Birds is a must visit store in Old Town Spring. 

One of the best selections of coffees and selection of gifts can be found at Home Sweet Home Etc.  Whether you want great coffee for home, cup of coffee while shopping in Old Town Spring or need to buy a gift, stop by their store today.

With upcoming prom and Spring wedding season or that special night out, visit Blonderellas Hair Studio and Boutique at 417 Gentry Street, J3.  For questions, contact Stephanie Barton at 281-528-1579.

Welcome to the best of Old Town Spring created by travel and dining journalist, Mike Rizzo., established in 2007 will continue through 2014 in support of our main sponsors.  Mike has been involved in dining and travel for 13 years including owning a banquet hall and restaurant with his wife, Carla (former Old Town Spring store owner) and has published over 450 articles and two online magazines.  Mike is now the web master and lead journalist for the U.S. Chapter of the French Culinary Academy. 
We hope you enjoy your visit to Old Town Spring Info and please tell the store owners that you saw their store listed here.  Special thanks to our main sponsors, The Doll Hospital,, and .

Entrance to Old Town Spring  



Coming from I-45 and taking the right side of the fork entrance into Old Town Spring, which is Gentry St., the first store you will find is the Doll Hospital on the right hand side and the museum on the left hand side.  The Doll Hospital carries many well known dolls: Alexander, Middleton, Adora, Ginny, Molly P, Life of Faith, Berenguer, and many more. The Doll Hospital has many choices for that perfect doll for any occasion. Offering a large selection of baby dolls, doll clothes, furniture and doll accessories, The Doll Hospital offers to ship world wide. Clothing and accessories are also available for American Girl and Bitty Baby.
The Museum

Doering Court   


Doering Court is home of the Shabby Rose, Connie's Bath Shack, Susie's Italian Goodies and The Dug Out.  Doering Court is located right by the old red school house and can be spotted easily by finding the Shabby Rose, forefront, which specializes in home decor, soaps and candles.  Susie's has special Italian goodies cooking up each day, so if you want a quick snack in the relaxing court yard, stop by for that quick Italian snack.  For the ladies who want that special southing bath after the long Old Town Spring walk, then stop by Connie's Bath Shack, to the left of the Shabby Rose for those specialty soaps and salts.  Last but, not least, The Dug Out is for the sports enthusiast.  A must stop by if you are a collector or looking for the perfect gift.



Heading over to the rail road tracks, come early to Old Town Spring to have some breakfast at the historic Wunsche Brothers Cafe.  Midway is as historic as the remaining Old Town Spring; for the cafe at one time was a hotel, the bank is just a couple doors down, which by legend was robbed by Bonnie and Clyde.  Midway is a good start of a shopping day with over 20 stores in this area of Old Town Spring.  The Gypsy Rose, perfect for the ladies strolls, especially those planning a wedding. 

  Gentry Street     

Coffee and Chocolate come to mind when I think of Gentry Street even though the museum and the Doll Hospital are forefront.  Home Sweet Home is my favorite for coffee in Old Town Spring.  A great stop with over 20 selection of coffee you can buy whole bean or ground.  Stick around and browse all of their great gifts and collectibles.  So many favorites including The German Haus for their incredible incense but, when it comes to chocolate, the Little Dutch Girl is my favorite in all of Houston.  Before taking the Gentry stroll, do not forget to check out the Creekside Plaza where you find the wonderful Different Strokes Pet Boutique and on the weekends, the best barbeque in town at the Whole Cake and Kaboodle. 

  East Main  

Breakfast wares away fast with all the ground to cover in Old Town Spring, and Puffabelly's is one of my favorites for lunch.  From salads and appetizers to crawfish, fish and burgers but, not forgetting the chicken fried steak, it is a choice lunch stop in Old Town Spring.

  Courtyard de Belle   


Pet lovers from all over Houston come here, not to pick up packages from the historic Old Town Spring post office but, from Woof Bakery.  They have the treats and if you do not have a dog, not to worry, they will help you out with that as well.  You know you are in the right location to find Woof Bakery when you see the Old Town Spring post office.

  Creekside Plaza  

Home of three of our favorites, Home Sweet Home, The Whole Cake and Kaboodle and Different Strokes Pet Boutique; we enjoy shopping at the Creekside Plaza.  A day affair in Old Town Spring always starts out with coffee at Home Sweet Home, and we always buy some of the great Jamaican Me Crazy coffee.  Different Strokes Pet Boutique is our choice source for healthy dog food for our Palm, Spirit.  If you are into beads including the hobbyist, then Creekside Plaza has one of the best bead stores in Houston.  Last but not least, The Whole Cake and Kaboodle is our weekend stop for lunch in Old Town Spring.  The cakes are outrageous and they were the choice for our wedding cakes.

  Gentry Square 

Gentry Square is home my wife's and Daughter's favorite Old Town Spring clothing store, the Chic Boutique.  Gentry Square in Old Town Spring is a quaint little place with the cobble stone walkways and choice stores to shop at.  Emmy's Sweet Shop is a to die for chocolate and candy store that is a must stop and visit.  We also love to visit with their dog, Chrissy, a gorgeous German Shepherd. 


Preston is home of the infamous Loose Caboose, a great choice for barbeque and more but, most significant of shopping is Lana Williams Gallery.  Lana Williams Gallery is Old Town Spring's choice for outrageous home decor featuring curtains, metal art, metal furniture, custom curtain rods, tapestry, fireplace screens, Earth stones, candle holders, for the kitchen, bathroom, kitchen, living room and much more.


Keith street is best known for Hyde's Cafe, where patrons visit frequent for their well known burgers, onion rings, chicken fried steak and other Southern delights.  The ambiance is quite unique, definitely Southern, with all the walls covered with license plates, a bear head, old time photos that make patrons feel they are in an old southwestern town.  A few stores do exist on Keith street that offer photo work, the all well known funnel cakes and also well known, Dave's Pepper Place. 

  West Main 

Old Town Spring's West main is packed with door to door stores that include the Princess Bridal (above), candles, antiques, ceramics, jewelry and specialty gifts shops.  West Main starts at entrance of Old Town Spring where the Museum is located.  I encourage visitors to Houston to take a stroll through the museum before staring your tour of Old Town Spring.  They are open Wednesday through Saturday. 

  Central Main  

Old Town Spring's Central Main is packed with some of Old Town Spring's finest stores starting with my favorite antique store, CR Collectibles, the Amish Barn who has incredible furniture and Main Street is home to the Wimberley Valley Winery store.  Several gifts shops are available and if you have a snack craving, then stop by Ma & Pa Kettle Korn.



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